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Be Like Water

“Be Like water” – Bruce Lee

This is a common goal within the world of martial arts, regardless of the style. Students of various martial arts aim to improve themselves by emulating its fluidity, force and formlessness.

But not only martial artists can learn lessons from this. Being able to adapt and go with the flow like water it’s a quality that everyone should strive to achieve.


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Pakua Martial Art classes starting

As promised Yogi Kick is opening PaKua Martial Art classes with Master Ricardo Tomásio.
It starts Sunday the 27th of September, 1-2.30 pm at the University of Cambridge Sports Centre (CB30AS).

Learn how to defend yourself in a practical and exciting way.
The study and practice of Pakua Martial Art, will give the student physical strength, while learning unique techniques employing pressure points, levers, and much more. You will gain a better understanding of yourself and your surroundings.

The technical aspect of Pa-Kua Martial Art includes circular movements and the use of the opponent’s strength against himself. A strong emphasis is placed on physical and mental balance, expressed through movements that are both fluid and rigid, strong as well as slow, dictated by the needs of a particular situation. Students learn different aspects of the Martial Art at each belt level, leading them toward a full confidence in their personal skills and abilities upon reaching each successive level and finally the coveted level of Pakua Black Belt.

The benefits of training include:

• Better physical and mental strength
• Improved flexibility
• Self-defense abilities
• Increased physical self-awareness
• Improved self-esteem
• Better self-confidence
• Strengthening of character
• Values of a warrior: honor, strength and courage.

Get in touch for more details.