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The Warrior Within

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The answer to the majority of our problems lies within us. It exists as a large tank of free-flowing energy that when channelled to our muscles can give us great strength and when channelled to our brain, it can provide us with great insights and understanding.

This free-flowing energy, is inside all of us; a hidden inner strength and power that is waiting to come out, but it won’t, while we keep distracted by the external stimuli of the world.

This great inner energy can be represented by the image of a martial artist or a warrior – since a warrior symbolises a great force that, if used properly can win many battles for you, but if neglected or misdirected can become your enemy.

And this is the issue! Most of us neglects this warrior force! Ignoring its presence and not even attempting to connect with it. And the result is achieving much less than we are capable of. However, if we choose to tap into this inner energy, we can find our true potential and awaken our passions.

Sometimes, it is through hard times, such as a traumatic experience or a heart break, that this inner strength is triggered. Imagine you fall into a dark, deep well. The first instinct is to become desperate, panic, cry and eventually fall into depression – the fear of never coming out of that deep well. Some may choose to stay there in this state of defeated, while some may discover their inner strength, the urge to stand up and somehow find their own way out of this dark, deep well.

This kind of inner force comes from within, from self-reflection and the ability to be comfortable with our own company. It takes courage, but when we are able to channel the feelings and energy that arise from such dramatic events into something that we love, amazing things can almost effortlessly be accomplished. This energy can either be channelled into physical exercise, or art, music, or science – the best masterpieces were born from this kind of energy.

The Chinese call this naturally occurring energy chi, and it is believed it flows continuously within our bodies. And some have compared this inner energy to the Quantum Physics energy – even if not observable in the same way particles are.

The cultivation of the warrior within and channelling the energy and the feelings into something we love will bring growth, transformation and healing – our lives change. You will no longer be the person you were before; you will be much stronger and confident and you will know that if you have made it through all this process, you will make it through anything else in life!

The Warrior Within Me

Author: Dr Susana Tomasio

Computational Chemist and Yoga, AcroYoga and Martial Arts Teacher. Founder of Yogi Kick.

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