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The Power of Meditation

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The power of meditation!
These photos are impressive! They show how meditation makes you look younger! It is well known that meditation helps to relax and connect you with your inner self, but who would have thought that it can have an anti-ageing effect?

These photos were part of a project to explore the “observable changes after a period” of one month of meditation.

Each participant took a photo on the first day and last day of the one month-long meditation retreat.
For consistency the photos were taken in the same background.

Have a look at the photos here and let me know what do you think!

At the Yoga Strength classes we always take some time for meditation at the end of the class.

Come and try!


Author: Dr Susana Tomasio

Computational Chemist and Yoga, AcroYoga and Martial Arts Teacher. Founder of Yogi Kick.

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